Our menu


Ibérico de Bellota Gran Reserva 50g  185
Serrano Gran Reserva 50g  95 
Coppa 50g  95
Salami Ibérico de Bellota 50g   105
Bresaola 50g 105
Charcuterie & cheese – chefs selection  255


Salt-baked beetroot 165
goat‘s cheese, white onion, tarragon

Premium selected lavaret roe by Heaven 23 235
Västerbottenost cheese, white onion, dill

Mussel soup 195
grilled scallop, white onion, tarragon

Squid 165
grilled little gem lettuce, cress, rye bread

Steak tartare on topside 155
kimchi, coriander cucumber, soy

Sweetbred “nuggets” 205
Jerusalem artichoke,  apple, truffle



Beef salad 215
glass noodles, baked egg, peanuts


Baked cauliflower 235
miso, cucumber, smoked butter

Salt-baked beetroot 235
goat‘s cheese, pak choi, tarragon



King Size Deluxe 255
shrimps, rye bread, egg, mayonnaise, lettuce & bleak roe

Mussel soup 295
grilled scallops, white onion, tarragon


Stove grilled salmon from Fröja 285
grilled cucumber, shiitake, spruce shoots

Charcoal-baked cod 305
cauliflower, lemon, rosehip


Fillet & brisket of lamb 285
pickled cabbage, carrots, dill

Char-grilled butchers cut steak 335
beetroot, tarragon, bone marrow

Steak tartare on topside 245
kimchi, coriander cucumber, soy

“Wallenbergare” Swedish burger of veal 205
potato purée, beans, lingonberries

Complement your main course with deep fried potatoes with parmesan 45


3 x chefs selection of cheese with compliments  145

Or 55 / piece
Gruyère / Kaltbach / Brie de Meaux / Stilton / Parmesan Reggiano aged 36 months


Char-coal baked pineapple 115
coconut, yoghurt, dill
Süss Riesling, Wagram, Austria 95

Blackberries 115
deep-fried donut, chocolate, hibiscus
Beerenauslese Zweigelt, Neusidlersee, Austria 160

Apple tartelette 115
caramel, browned butter, toasted oats
Velich Beerenauslese, Burgenland, Austria  110

Crème brûlée  105
Massetto Dulcis Endrizzi, Toscana, Italy  120

One scoop of ice cream or sorbet  45

Coffee sweets    30/piece

Childrens menu


Ibérico de Bellota 45

Main course

Meatballs 105
potato purée, cream sauce & lingonberries

Baked cod 135
potato purée, primeurs & browned butter

Grilled steak 155
deep fried potatoes, red wine jus & tarragon mayonnaise

Shrimp sandwich 120
shrimps, rye bread, salad, egg & mayonnaise


Deep-fried donut 75
blackberries & chocolate

Ice cream with toppings 75