Cocktails with a view

Sour, sweet or simply fresh and fruity. Our creative bartenders can make cocktails to suit all tastes – while you sit back and enjoy the view.

Signatures & Inventions

5 cl / SEK 162

Cachaça, home made youghurt liqueur, lime, raspberries

The premiere
Popcorn infused bourbon, vanilla liqueur, lemon, apple

Good morning
Champagne, Aperol, coconut liqueur, orange juice, grape fruit

Tequila blanco, habanero infused Aperol, mezcal, agave syrup, orange, lime

le Chartreuseien
Coffee liqueur, Chartreuse vert, dry curaçao, single malt, absinthe

Piña coladisch
Pineapple infused rum, coconut liqueur, lime, orgeat

From Dusk till Dawn
Amaro, dry curaçao, absinthe, OB

Highland Breeze
Amaro, Campari, grape fruit, OB

The Devil went to Georgia
Bourbon, navy strength rum, peach liqueur, lime, raspberries

Banana Republic
Navy strength rum, banana liqueur, cacao liqueur, cream

Fun & Bubbling

SEK 173

French 75
Gin, lemon, sugar, champagne

Rum, lime, honey, champagne

Fortune Cocktail
Applejack, lemon, sugar, mint, champagne

Old Cuban
Aged rum, lime, brown sugar, mint, champagne, AB

Champagne Cocktail
White sugar cube, champagne, AB

Negroni Sbagliato
Campari, sweet vermouth, champagne

Safe & Sound

SEK 65

Mocking Mojito
Mint, lime, sugar, soda

Sober in Kingston
Jamaican grapefruit soda, lime, agave syrup

As Good as New
Lemon, grapefruit, orgeat, soda

Lime & Lemon
Lime, lemon, sugar, soda

Raspberry Fizz
Raspberry, lemon, soda